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dollerie uncut

Dollerie Uncut
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VITA ERSATZ - Dollerie Uncut

Announces the first uncut, abjd LiveJournal!

Post your doll pictures uncut! But only on our Event Days which will occur four times a year. Only! That will be one Sunday for uncut doll photos every three months! Posts made during non-event times will be deleted.

On our quarterly Dollerie Uncut Event - we ask that you please make only one post and keep your post limited to seven images - the effect being that our friends lists will be populated with a wild and wonderful variety of uncut doll imagery!

In order to further share the Dollerie, images remain unlocked and outside a cut. These images will then be posted uncut in your friends list.

We also host a smaller events on the last Sunday of each month in which our members can make one post with up to three images in response to the issued challenge or prompt. Information about these Events will be posted to the community.

Our first Event Day is now over. It was held Sunday, July 6, 2008!
The second Event Day was held October 26, 2008.

Mini Events:
dollerie armed - July 27, 2008
shadow - August 31, 2008
underwear ads - September 28, 2008
Holiday! - December 14, 2008